Sizing issues are a huge problem in fashion in general, but especially in e-commerce.

The lack of size standardization across brands (and, often, within the same brand) often confuses the shopper. Sales assistant can help in brick-and-mortar shops, but size is still a massive pain point for fashion e-commerce. 

Having doubt at the moment of purchase is not the only consequence of sizing difficulties. According to, about 52% of all online returns are due to sizing. What does this mean specifically? Not only do shops deal with endless customer communication, but they also have to — literally — pay the price of uncertainty. As reported by RSR Research Retail Analyst Paula Rosenblum, retailers lose one third of their revenue to returns.

Setting up a size recommender for your shop is necessary to limit the negative impact of sizing inconsistencies. Let’s see how exactly we can help you, your customers and your bottom line.

1. Boost sales

Accurate size and fit advice drives purchases. Picking the right size is the last step before payment. Put yourself in the shopper’s shoes: they visit your shop, go through your product catalog, and pick the perfect item. They love the style, and they are ready to buy. Then something goes wrong. Faced with a normal size chart, they need to guesstimate their size, or look around for a measuring tape. Discouraged, they leave the website. Not what you want, right?

With a comprehensive sizing solution, you can easily provide your customers with a confident shopping experience and decrease shopping cart abandonment. 

2. Lower returns

Returns do not only mean shipping costs. They also result in time spent dealing with logistics, restocking the returned items and managing customer communication. This is an ineffective use of your time and resource allocation.

Wouldn’t it be better if the shopper could always get the right size?

3. Increase customer satisfaction

Dealing with a return is not pleasant for a shop owner, but is not fun for the shopper either. Repackaging the items, printing return labels, bringing the package to the post office, then waiting weeks for a refund – not exactly an enjoyable activity. 

A happy customer is a customer that comes back for more, and the certainty of getting the right size, every time, is a clear predictor of customer loyalty.

Still not convinced? Give it a try! With a 20-minute set-up and no associated costs, you can see for yourself how effective our comprehensive sizing solution really is.