About Hosbjerg

Established in 2014 by founder Camilla Hosbjerg, Hosbjerg is a Danish fashion brand with its head office in the heart of Copenhagen.

Camilla created the brand with the purpose of making designs of good quality at affordable prices. Something she felt like had been missing in the industry. Hosbjerg’s identity is based on sporty elements that still accentuate the feminine and modern woman. Being inspired by the sports world is not a coincidence since Camilla is a former professional badminton player.

The Hosbjerg design and DNA combines sporty and comfortable with a twist of playfulness.

“It’s important for us to dare to be innovative and different. Bright colors, funky prints and crooked details will always be a part of our collections”.


When first looking at sizing solutions, the priority for Hosbjerg was to offer an improved shopping experience to their customers. Thanks to the implementation of Sizefox on their e-commerce, they reached their goal and are receiving positive feedback from their customers.

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The Challenge

As a brand focussed on quality apparel, it is natural for Hosbjerg to also aim at providing the best possible shopping experience for their customers.

Conversion rates in fashion ecommerce tend to be negatively impacted by sizing issues, since they add an element of uncertainty during the purchase process.

This not only creates friction across the funnel, but also adversely affects time spent by customer support in answering size-related queries.

Decreasing returns is also an important point for Hosbjerg: being an environmentally conscious brand, reducing CO2 footprint is paramount in their constant effort to improve in all areas. 

The challenge for online retailers world wide is to guarantee a smooth purchase flow for shoppers, while at the same time increasing conversion rates, reducing returns and gaining loyalty.

The Solution

Hosbjerg decided to tackle the problem by adding a tool that could offer straightforward and accurate size recommendations.

This proved to be the quickest way to support their users in solving any doubts related to sizing and allow them to enjoy a smooth and pleasant experience.

After implementing Sizefox on their 3 online shops, Hosbjerg recorded a decrease in size-related queries coming from their shoppers, which resulted in the ability to free resources that could now be allocated more beneficially to other important issues.

Adding the widget also positively impacted the customer experience altogether, as Hosbjerg declares:

 I think all areas around buying a product online have improved since we implemented Sizefox. Having this feature gives our customers a better experience when shopping. We have experienced less customer support time and great feedback from our customers.

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