With Sizefox, Apricoat increased their conversions!

The Apricoat team was looking for an intuitive solution that helps their shoppers find the right clothing size. With Sizefox, Apricoat noticeably increased their conversions!

They observed a higher engagement rate and a higher conversion rate for the users utilizing the Sizefox recommender, versus users using only the standard product size chart.

About Apricoat

Apricoat was born from a group of international explorers who wanted to make the ultimate high-quality, innovative, sustainable adventure clothing. For months, they researched, spoke with industry leaders, and took their clothing to the mountains, the streets, the forest, and the sea.

“Just like our gear, we’re always on the move.”

Founded in 2017, Apricoat has grown from having a single product to a full-fledged outdoor clothing brand.

Apricoat size recommendation

The Challenge

As a manufacturer of sustainable outdoor clothing, Apricoat is committed to helping our planet recover. All of their products are made of recycled materials with strict objectives of waste reduction and spoilage-free production.
With the uncertainties attached to buying online, it is easy to rely on returns services. However, the environment pays a huge price for this. When an item is returned, it enters a reverse transportation chain, doubling the emissions.

Being environmentally conscious, Apricoat was looking for an easy-to-implement solution that gives their shoppers the confidence to buy the best-fitting size from the get-go.

Sizefox is “easy to use and intuitive for the merchant but, most importantly for the customer” ( Raz Tsfaty, Head of Operations at Apricoat).

The Solution:

After a quick implementation, Apricoat conducted an A/B test, launching Sizefox on some of their product pages. With Sizefox, Apricoat increased their conversions!

Raz Tsfaty, Head of Operations at Apricoat tested the solution after the onboarding and noted: “The results of our AB test showed a higher conversion and engagement rate for the shoppers using Sizefox size recommender versus the shoppers using our common size chart”.

The Apricoat team was delighted to observe the added value delivered by Sizefox. Receiving personalized size recommendations during purchases helps clients gain confidence and buy the correct sizes from the get-go. Moreover, the size chart is also available on the widget, which allows clients to check product dimensions in more fine-grained detail.

Apricoat at a glance

Apricoat fashion image
  • Apricoat was founded in 2017 after one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in its category, raising more than 2M.
  • With feedback from 15,000 community members, Apricoat grew from a single product to a full outdoors clothing company.
  • In just a few years, Apricoat developed and patented 5 technologies delivering quality and innovative clothing to their customers. 

Apricot has been using Sizefox since May 2022.

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