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Create sleek size charts for your fashion shop with a professional solution that is free and easy to setup.

How it works

Step 1

Create your size chart with our chart creation tool.

Step 2

Match your products with your size chart.


Publish the size chart in your product pages.

We know what we are talking about

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Sizefox is brought to you by Fit Analytics, the team behind Fit Finder™, the most trusted size advisor on the market.

Some of the brands who grow their business with Sizefox

“We noticed that our customers convert to sales easier with Sizefox.”


Marta Ferreira, Marketing Specialist at Näz

“Sizefox is a great and easy solution to install for any brands selling mainly online and looking to improve the customer’s experience!”


Steffi Ohayon, Head of Growth at Blvck

“All areas around buying a product online have improved since we implemented Sizefox.”

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State of the art size recommender

Easy integration

20-minute integration

Setting up Sizefox is quick and easy. Just create your account, add your size charts, match them with your products and publish. Your shoppers can now receive size recommendations!

size charts for all

A size chart for every need

Create size charts for garments and for any items that come in different sizes: jewellery, gloves, bikes, hats…

secondary size charts

Add a secondary size chart


Create a secondary size chart for products with two sizing elements, such as trousers width and length.

Meet the new way to turn visitors into shoppers

Create sleek size charts in no time!


With a simple integration, add customized size charts to your fashion shop and watch your business grow.


Start now with Sizefox


No credit card, no contract, no technical skills required

Frequently asked questions

Returns due to wrong sizing are a known issue in the fashion industry. They do not only mean extra shipping costs, but also result in time spent dealing with logistics, restocking the returned items and managing customer communication.


Providing accurate size charts to your shoppers leads to a decrease in returns and an increase in conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

As the latest solution offered by Fit Analytics, our team boasts more than 10 years experience in delivering effective sizing solutions to top-tier brands worldwide.

Absolutely not. Sizefox size recommender can be quickly added to your Shopify fashion store without the help of a technical team.

After joining Snap Inc in May 2021, and as part of Snapchat’s portfolio for online retailers, Fit Analytics products – including Sizefox – are now offered for free. The only requirement is to have a Snapchat business account.


In the last years, Snapchat has reinvented itself as a full-funnel solution for fashion e-commerce and now offers online retailers free tools to help convert users into shoppers.

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