Many Shopify themes for fashion shops come with a default size chart, but if you have already created your shop and do not feel like switching to a different theme, you can add a free size chart App like Sizefox to your current theme.

With Sizefox, which is completely free of charge, you can add size charts and a size recommender to your product page to boost your sales, reduce returns and save time.

In this article, we will explain how to add the Sizefox Shopify size chart App to your store and how to make the most of it.

Size chart
Size chart

What is Sizefox, and how does it work?

The App allows you to create sleek size charts quickly and easily and add a size recommender to the product pages of your clothing store. Why Sizefox, you ask?

We know what we are talking about.

Sizefox is a solution by Fit Analytics, the market leader in fashion-tech and the company behind Fit Finder™. Our Team has been solving sizing for more than 11 years globally. 

Zero tech hassles.

Sizefox was conceived as an easy, quick to implement solution, targeting shop managers and growing businesses. No IT involvement is necessary, and the widget is up and running in 15 minutes.


As part of the Snap environment, Sizefox is offered completely free of charge. No long-term contracts, no set up fees, no usage fees. Install, launch, and watch your bottom line grow!

Trusted technology. 

Thanks to the experience built with the morphological datasets of global fashion shoppers, our recommendation algorithm matches the shopper inputs to your garment measurements. Our technology is used by some of the most prominent brands in the fashion industry.

Add a size chart in Shopify with Sizefox

After creating the account and installing the App, it’s time to set up your first size chart. You can choose from a set of pre-defined templates, each one specific for a different garment type which can power our size recommendation engine; or you can create size chart from scratch if you would like to display your chart only (see image below). 

You can of course define if the chart is for women, men or unisex garment; specify which measurement system are you using (inches, centimeters etc.); and if the measurements shown refer to body or garment dimensions.

Sizefox is one of the few Shopify size chart Apps that allows you to create a secondary size chart, in case you need to make recommendations for two sizing elements of the same item, for example waist and length measurements for a pair of jeans.

Assign products to a size chart

After creating your size chart, it is now time to assign products to it. There is no need to manually import product files, in fact after installing the App and connecting it to your store, Sizefox can easily and quickly query your catalog and filter the products you want to connect to each size chart.

You can filter your catalog by using the predefined fields, and after applying the filters, you will have a list of products, which can then be assigned to your size chart in a click. The best part of it? When you add a new item in your collection, the queries you have created will automatically assign new products to the matching size chart. Nothing more needs to be done from your side.

Add a size recommender in Shopify with Sizefox

To further improve your customer experience and provide a seamless shopping experience, you can also add a personalized size recommender to your clothing shop. All you need to do is to select the option “create size chart from template” and the widget will automatically display in your product pages.

Your shoppers will just need to add some inputs such as age, weight and height and the algorithm will suggest the most appropriate size for that specific morphotype amongst the options available on your size chart.

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Creating size charts: Best Practices

  • Always specify the fit of the garment. Is it supposed to be worn loose or tight? Your shoppers need to know what to expect.
  • Add a unit conversion chart if you are selling on more than one market.
  • Try to add as many measurements as necessary to the chart, to help your customer in choosing the best possible size.
  • Clearly state if you are using body measurements or finished garment measurements in your size chart.
  • If you use body measurements, add a paragraph explaining to your shoppers how to take the measurements themselves.

Sizefox, the ultimate Shopify size chart App

Shopping online can be fun, but picking the right garment size can easily add complexity to an otherwise perfectly fine experience. Online shoppers rely entirely on pictures and product descriptions to evaluate the product. And to choose the right size, they need the help of an accurate size chart to support them in making the right size choice.

This not only helps increase conversion rates, but also plays a key role in reducing product returns, as customers can purchase clothing in appropriate sizes and measurements.

According to Shopify itself, retailers experience around 70% of their online sales being returned, with wrong size cited as the number one reason. This is not surprising when you consider that when it comes to buying clothes online, customers often run the risk of buying something that doesn’t fit properly. 

Sizefox makes it easier for customers to choose the right size before purchasing, which greatly reduces the likelihood of choosing a wrong item that needs to be returned.

Sizefox is fully compatible with your Shopify store, and being a completely free solution with a 15 minute integration, probably your best choice if you are looking for a Shopify size chart app and a size recommender.

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