One of the biggest difficulties for a shopper when buying a ring on the internet is to find the right size. Several manufacturers who sell online, especially the high-end ones, tend to solve the issue by sending a free plastic ring sizer to the shopper prior to the purchase. We strongly recommend you do the same for your customers.

Nevertheless, an accurate ring size chart can help your potential clients with appropriate size information. In this article we will explain how to create a ring size chart for men and women taking into consideration the different sizing systems.

Ring Size conversion charts

There are currently five systems for measuring rings, but the US and European standards are the most widely used by the majority of manufacturers.

US system: where each size corresponds to a number from 3 to 6 and above.

European standard: used in most European countries except the United Kingdom. Measurements correspond exactly to the inner circumference of the ring, expressed in millimeters.

Japanese measurements: these are calculated with a very specific formula: inner circumference (expressed in millimeter) – 40= ring size.  

Here you can find a unisex ring size conversion chart, built with Sizefox, with the most common measurement system for rings.

Men’s Ring Size chart 

In this ring size chart, we used the most common measurements for men, specifying to which inner circumference and inner diameter (expressed in millimeters) each size corresponds to.

Women’s Ring Size chart 

Here is an overview of the standard measurements used for a women’s ring size chart.

How to measure a Ring Size

If you want to support your shoppers in figuring out what their ring size is, try to provide them with clear indications on the measurement process. Many people are tempted to take the measurement of the finger with a tape measure or with the help of a strip of paper, but this system inevitably leads to errors (often of several sizes) since in taking the measure they will apply a certain pressure to the finger, enough to make the measurement inaccurate.

The correct method to determine the size of a ring consists instead in measuring an existing ring, possibly using a caliber (better if digital, but a mechanical one can also be fine). 

We strongly discourage the use of a ruler as it is not suitable for measuring quarters of a millimeter. Between two consecutive measures the difference is only one millimeter on the circumference – which is equivalent to about 3 tenths of a millimeter on the diameter, and that’s why it is necessary to be extremely precise.

Make sure your shoppers keep in mind the following: 

  • The right size of the ring is something very subjective. In general the ring should feel comfortable and slide on the finger without too much difficulty, but it should not slide too much, as it could easily slip from the finger. It should also not be worn too tight, as it could bother the blood circulation (especially on very hot days or if the person is pregnant).
  • The fingers of the right hand tend to be a little larger than those of the left hand. For those who are left-handed, the opposite applies. Therefore, when choosing a size, they should first of all consider on which finger the ring should be worn. They should also take into account the different seasons and climate changes: the correct size is one that does not tighten the finger too much in the hot season (hands and fingers will be swollen) and that does not slip away in colder periods or when they wash their hands.
  • When measuring the diameter or the circumference of a ring they already own, they should take as a reference a ring of similar shape and characteristics to the one they are going to purchase.
  • If they are purchasing the ring for someone else and they are not sure about the correct size, advise them to always pick a larger size as it’s easier to shrink it later if they make a mistake.

Tips for creating a Ring size chart

  • If your ecommerce receives customers from different countries, make sure to include a conversion size chart with as many countries and sizing systems as needed.
  • Provide the user with as many details as possible, always specifying both inner diameter and inner circumference of the ring.
  • Specify if the measurements are expressed in inches or centimeters
  • Last but not least, if possible send your website visitors a free ring sizer to help them determine the correct size of their ring. 

Creating a Ring size chart with Sizefox

Sizefox lets you create sleek size charts for your Shopify ecommerce, supporting your website visitors in getting the right ring size. 

Distributed free of charge, Sizefox has an intuitive interface and a 15-minutes integration time.

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