Just like shoes, gloves are an apparel item that are supposed to fit perfectly. They should slide onto your hand easily, and you should be able to stretch your fingers completely without the glove tips restricting your freedom of movement in any way.

They should not feel tight or uncomfortable, and there should be no seams or annoying inserts.

In this article, we are going to explain how to take measurements for gloves the right way and how to create the corresponding size charts.

How to measure hand circumference for gloves

All measurements should be taken from the palm of the dominant hand. To measure the circumference of the hand, wrap the palm with a tape measure across the widest point where the fingers meet the palm.

This dimension usually extends from the outside of the palm, right at the base of the little finger, to the area below the index finger. Do not include the thumb in your measurement, only the palm. Keep in mind that this is a body measurement, and the garment measurement will need to be slightly larger in order to allow comfortable movements.

how to measure hand for gloves

Adding glove length to your size chart

Most gloves are designed with a standard width-to-length ratio. Nevertheless, if you want to provide your customers with as many details as possible, you can also include the length of the gloves. 

This is of course especially important if you are selling gloves with non-standard length, such as gauntlet gloves, arm warmers or long elegant gloves.

Measuring glove length is quite straightforward, just keep in mind you have to start from the top of the longest finger (usually the middle finger) to the end of the garment.

Sizefox allows you to create a secondary size chart for a second dimension – in this case glove length, which will support your shoppers in choosing the correct size.

Women’s gloves size chart

Here is an overview of the standard measurements for gloves, in both inches and centimeters. As you can see, size charts for gloves tend to encompass half sizes, as a perfect fit is crucial for this type of garment.

women gloves size chart

Men’s gloves size chart

In the size chart below, you can find the most used measurements to input for a men’s gloves size chart.

As in the women’s gloves size chart, half measures are widely used.

men gloves size chart

Unisex gloves size chart

You can of course also build a size chart for unisex gloves, but keep in mind that in this case it might be necessary to add a secondary size chart for the length of the item, as hand length can vary quite a lot between women and men.

unisex gloves chart

Kids gloves size chart

In the case of a gloves size chart for kids or toddlers, it can be useful for your shoppers to add a row specifying which age corresponds to each measurement.

kids gloves size chart

Tips for building Gloves Size Charts

  • Include half sizes in your size chart. As previously mentioned, gloves are supposed to have a perfect fit, meaning they should allow comfortable movements while being tight enough for the hand to have a good grip.
  • When possible, include a secondary size chart with the length of the gloves. This is especially important if you are selling unisex gloves, as the length of the hand can vary between men and women.
  • In your product page, try to include a short explanation on how to measure the circumference of the hand. This will help your shoppers in finding the perfect fit.

Building size charts with Sizefox

If you are looking for a free widget to add gloves size charts to your fashion ecommerce, Sizefox could be your best bet.

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