This video provides step by step guidelines to create a Sizefox account.


Today, we’ll show you how to create a new size chart from your Sizefox admin dashboard. Click the tab labeled ‘Size Charts’ on the left panel, and your existing list of size charts will appear. To create a new one, simply click “create new” in the top right corner.

From the template screen, pick the template that best fits your garment type. You can choose between upper body and lower body, as well as different products within those categories.

In the next step, you will have to name your size chart, and, if you like, you can add a description. Keep in mind that the title and description will be visible to your customers. Next, confirm the gender of the size chart and indicate whether the measurements you’re using are body measurements or garment dimensions.

Make sure you select the correct measurement system for your size chart: inches or centimeters. You can add more sizes by adding extra columns to match the size range of your products, and adding rows to add additional dimensions, such as sleeve length or collar circumference.

If your size chart does not use the standard S,M,L labeling system, you can type your own size labels in the “display size” fields. This could be, for instance, the standard American sizing system from 0 to 12.

In this case, we will only display your size labels to make the size recommendations to the customers and in the size chart tab.

Finally, when you enter the product dimensions, note that the values have to be in ascending order, with the smallest size on the left and largest size on the right.