This video provides step by step guidelines to create a Sizefox account.


We will now show you how to create your Sizefox account. Go to the Sizefox home page and click create account.

The registration is only available for Shopify stores and we will guide you through the process. Click on Let’s Go. Fill in the form and click Submit. In this page you can also find a link to our privacy policy.

You will now receive an email in your inbox to validate your account. If you do not find it, please check your Spam folder. Once you click the link you will be automatically redirected to the SFX login screen. Type your newly created credentials and click on login.

As Sizefox is a solution offered by Snap, we ask you to link your Sizefox account to your Snap Business Manager account. Click on “login to snapchat business” and enter your credentials. If you do not have a Snap Business manager account yet, click on sign up. Click continue to proceed. Click Connect to Sizefox and don’t forget to check our terms and conditions.

You have successfully created your Sizefox account. You can now proceed with the installation of the Sizefox widget on your web-store. Feel free to check our integration videos if you need further guidance with the setup.