Ecommerce trends in 2022

ecommerce trends 2022

Ecommerce trends in 2022 show how shoppers are picking up new habits that are here to stay. The situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic changed the rules for e-commerce worldwide and US is no exception. Although everything seems to be slowly returning to normal, the reality is that businesses will […]

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Skirt Size Chart and Size guide

skirt with measuring tape

When creating your skirt size chart, you need first of all to decide which kind of measurements you will use. Even though it is easier for a manufacturer or a fashion ecommerce owner to use finished garment measurements, keep in mind that your shoppers will most likely consider their own […]

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How to measure a skirt

tailor measuring skirt

To make sure your shoppers purchase the correct size of a skirt and do not return the garment, it is important to provide them with as many measurements as needed. To help them choose the correct size, you can use a free sizing solution such as Sizefox, which can be […]

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How to measure jeans

jeans with measuring tape

To reduce returns and increase conversion rates in your fashion ecommerce, you want to make sure that your customers get the right fit, every time. To do so, you can add Sizefox to your store to create sleek size charts for your product pages, or you can use the full […]

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