There are two types of people in the world, those who shop online and those who lie.

Today, thanks to thousands of ecommerce apps on the market, shoppers can buy literally anything from the comfort of their smartphone and find it in front of their door a few days later. Especially when it comes to apparel and fashion after the pandemic, we are talking about a whole new era in shopping.

If you are a fashion merchant, you know exactly what we are talking about. Increased transaction volumes, new technologies, new acquisition opportunities.

The downside of it is that competition is also increasing, and it is getting harder to turn a website visitor into a happy, loyal customer. 

Picking the best Shopify apps for Clothing stores

Shopify itself does a great job in highlighting the best Shopify Apps for clothing stores, but with so much choice it can be tough to find the right one for your specific needs. 

In this article, we present an overview of what we consider to be the must-have Apps available in the Shopify App Store for fashion and apparel.

Sizefox Sizing Solution

With sizing being one of the most dreaded issues within the fashion industry, it comes as no surprise that fashion-tech is so focused on solving the problem.

Fit Analytics, the market leader in sizing solutions and the brand behind the renowned Fit Finder™, recently launched this free, self-onboarding size recommender specific for Shopify clothing stores. 

With Sizefox, amongst the best Shopify apps for clothing stores when it comes to sizing, merchants can quickly create size charts and add an accurate size recommender to their product pages; reducing returns, increasing conversions and decreasing the time spent answering size-related enquiries.

The best part of it? Being part of the Snap environment, Sizefox is completely free of charge, No contracts, no fees, and a trusted technology. What’s not to like?

Sizefox, the best Shopify App for clothing stores
Size recommender

Social Proof from UGC

Social proof from UGC - Shopify app

Social photos, what is all about? Quite simple: social proof is huge in the online retail industry, and this app allows people who have purchased your clothes to share them on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

You can then highlight the best photos customers post with them wearing your collection, which is especially helpful as you can show the garment on different body types.

The great part about this app is that when customers tag themselves on Instagram wearing your clothes, Social Proof automatically creates a “shoppable” gallery of images for them, from which customers can get inspired and shop the look they prefer.


Intelistyle Shopify app

Intelistyle is a personal fashion stylist that creates new outfit ideas by suggesting matching outfits or complete new styles to your customers.

Shoppers can upload pictures of a specific item and get recommendations based on their style, body type, hair and skin tone.

It goes without saying that the end effect is going to be easy conversions for new users and a loyal customer base willing to come back for more.


Smartzer Shopify app

Smartzer is an app that allows customers to buy directly from a video or a live streaming. It offers easy integration with Shopify and provides merchants with video performance insights and an in-video add-to-basket functionality.

On top of that, with this App merchants can add a clickable pop-up with a CTA, which can be useful for encouraging viewers to click and make a purchase.

The pop-ups can also offer information such as size and pricing or provide additional content about the product experience such as demonstrations or unboxing. Pop-ups can also be used to direct you to the product page for full specifications.

Smartzer offers interactivity with the shopper via the chat bar and video content can be recorded for later viewing. 

Back in stock

Back in stock Shopify app

As the name says, Back in Stock helps you deal with inventory sell outs. Shoppers can easily sign up to receive an alert (which can be sent by SMS or email) and complete their purchase as soon as the item viewed is again available.

The App can also be used as a pre-sales tool, by collecting the contacts of customers interested in your new collection. We especially like the quick set up and the solid customization options.

Shop the look

Shop the look Related products Shopify App

Offering a look bundle to shoppers is always an advantage. Customers can easily purchase matching items, usually benefitting from a discount and merchants can just as easily increase their AOV. 

Shop the Look does exactly that, creating product bundles and supporting cross selling and upselling in a streamlined way. The interface is sleek and intuitive and the design of the tool can be customized to perfectly match your brand.


Loox Shopify App

User-generated content, SEO, referrals and review requests, all at once. Loox helps you first of all in generating customer reviews, photos and videos of the item just purchased.

Merchants can set up customizable review request emails, send reminders, and offer a discount for users who do send a review. 

Reviews are then displayed in the widget, which can be customized to match the brand style and offers a carousel, list, pop up and sidebar display option. Most importantly, they use a CDN to serve the script and the widget starts loading only after the full page is loaded, therefore not slowing down your website.

Reviews can of course be moderated and answered, and displayed in search results as Rich Snippets.

Shoppable Instagram and UGC

Shoppable Instagram and UGC

You spent months, maybe years in growing your Instagram page, now it’s time to monetize. 

Shoppable Instagram and UGC helps you in letting your customers shop directly from your Instagram page, to find new influencers who are driving engagement to your brand and track the content used by the influencers you currently work with.

As a cherry on the top, you can integrate the App with your Klaviyo email marketing sequences and add dynamic Instagram feeds to your emails.

Lookbook – Shoppable Galleries

Look book Shopify App

Simple, solid and easy to use, Lookbook helps you create dedicated product galleries for your collections and allows users to shop directly from the product gallery images.

Fully customizable and with plenty of different layout options, the widget is 100%  mobile responsive and merchants can create unlimited galleries.



Looking for new traffic sources? Give Wanelo a try , an aggregator with more than 800 000 stores and 50 mil products.

Currently available only for the US market, the App syncs with your Shopify inventory and creates a Wanelo store front in minutes.

Collection Filter & Search Bar

Collection Filter & Search bar Shopify App

This App is a must-have and probably one of the best Shopify apps for clothing stores. Thanks to its I-powered search and filter capability, Collection Filter & Search Bar by Sooboster delivers the right item, to the right person, at the right time.

Needless to say, relevant results are what help shoppers find what they are looking for, and merchants increase conversion rates in Shopify.

Built with a solid infrastructure that can handle large product catalogs, the app can filter your catalog by size, color, vendor and many more variables. 


There are hundreds of Shopify Apps for fashion that can unlock new features and functionality for your apparel store, from loyalty programs to upselling and cross selling.

However, you don’t need all the features to grow your business, you just need to focus on providing the best shopping experience to your customers to generate more sales.

A good customer experience in fashion often comes from solving sizing. Try adding Sizefox size recommender to your fashion store, and watch your bottom line increase.

As part of the Snap environment, Sizefox is completely free of charge and with a 15-minute integration time is probably the quickest way to boost your sales.

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