This video provides step by step guidelines to assign products to your size chart and publish Sizefox on your product pages.


Sizefox allows you to skip lengthy manual file imports by simply querying your catalog and filtering the products you want to connect to each size chart. To continue, click on the “assign” button.

Click on the first drop down and you will be able to filter your product using the following options:

  • Title (your product title)
  • Brand (called vendor on Shopify)
  • Keywords (called tags on Shopify)

To add more conditions click on the plus button. Depending on the drop-down selected, you will see different filtering options, for example:

if you choose Title, you will be able to filter your catalogue based on the following conditions:

  • contains words
  • does not contain words
  • is exactly

Note that you can filter your products by all or any of the conditions.

In this example, we want to filter by applying all the listed conditions. Let’s say we want to assign a size chart to all the t-shirts for summer 2022. We can filter the selection of products by choosing titles containing the word “t-shirt” and by adding keywords that contain “summer2022”.

As we finish our query, we have a list of filtered products that we can assign to our size chart on the right-hand side of the screen.

In the previous screen, we saw how to add several conditions to filter your products. Now we switch the tab to find products that match any of our conditions.

Let’s look at this example: we have a collection of summer and cocktail dresses that share the same size chart.

Here, we can filter products that have either “summer dress” or “cocktail dress” in their keywords.

To assign filtered products, click on the assign products button. To enable Sizefox for your shoppers, go back to your Size Charts list, and publish your size chart.

Sizefox is now live on your store!