Sizefox in a few words

Sizefox is a simple, free, and efficient platform for you to create size charts and a customizable sizing solution. We help you convert shoppers into customers by recommending their best fitting size.

Our mission is to democratize the latest developments in fashion-tech, and to offer a free, customizable and easy to implement sizing solution to small and growing online fashion businesses.

Sizefox is part of the Snap ecosystem and 100% free 

Sizefox is a solution provided by Fit Analytics, a provider of innovative sizing solutions to the world’s largest fashion brands, since 2010.

After joining Snap Inc in March 2021, and as part of Snapchat’s portfolio for online retailers, Fit Analytics products – including Sizefox – are offered for free. 

Since its inception as the history-making social network that taught a whole generation the very concept of a “selfie”, Snapchat has reinvented itself as a full-funnel solution for fashion e-commerce. Snapchat monetizes through targeted advertisement, and offers online retailers free tools to help convert users into shoppers. 

Sizefox is 100% free and will remain so regardless of your use of other Snap services. We are proud to be part of Snapchat’s efforts towards a full-funnel support for fashion ecommerce shops.

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