Clever sizing solutions for growing businesses

Use our simple, self-service tool to turn shoppers into customers with personalized fit and size recommendations. Save time, sell smarter! For free, forever.

Solving the biggest issue of fashion e-commerce: Sizing

Sizefox widget size recommendation

Boost conversions

Give shoppers the confidence they need to purchase your products.

Save time

Reduce customer support efforts by providing size advice on your product page.

Stay free and flexible

No binding contracts. Plug in, plug out anytime you want!

Sizefox is available for free on Shopify!


Sizefox is a free product from the Snap eco-system, with no fees and no minimum usage! Just an amazing Plugin!

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Sizefox is currently available for Shopify fashion stores and soon for other web-platforms.

Sizefox features

Self-service dashboard

Fully control the sizing widget on your product pages.

Size recommender

Sizefox provides size advice to your shoppers.

Size chart

Seamlessy create personalized size charts with your product’s sizing details.

Sizefox technology


Sizefox uses your product size charts, body dimensions of millions of shoppers, and your client’s fit information to recommend the best size.


Sizefox ensures a quick and seamless integration of our size recommender into your Shopify shop.


Sizefox is brought to you by the market leader in fashion-tech, Fit Analytics, a provider of innovative sizing solutions to the world’s largest fashion brands since 2010.

"Consumer preference-based returns (e.g., size, fit, style, etc.) tend to drive around 72% of all returns in fashion product categories."​

How to set up Sizefox in your shop

Step 1:  Create your account and Add your size charts to the Sizefox dashboard. 

create size chart

Step 2: Assign your products to the relevant size charts, and publish the size recommender on your product pages.

assign sizechart to products

 Step 3: Integrate the Sizefox block into your webshop.


Your shoppers can now get personalized size advice!

Our history

Sizefox, Fit Analytics and Snap!

Sizefox is brought to you by Fit Analytics, the team behind Fit Finder and creators of the most trusted size advisor on the market.


In 2021, Snap acquired Fit Analytics as part of their long-term strategy to integrate e-commerce into the Snap ecosystem. This has made it possible for Fit Analytics to focus on making its technology accessible to all types of fashion retailers. Enter Sizefox: the innovative sizing technology made for businesses of all sizes, budgets and tech resources.

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